Semiconductor Recruitment | Russia & EMEA 

Microelectronics fabrication today employs the most highly trained engineers of any manufacturing industry. As the density of integrated circuits rises and as industry shifts to large wafer sizes, the complexity of microelectronic fabrication processes creates a demand for an ever more highly educated and trained workforce. Microelectronic engineers design and fabricate electronic devices and systems using extremely small components - integrated circuits (IC's or microchips). 

Microchips have changed every aspect of our lives. The industry over the past decades has been the exponential increase. The fast advances in the number of transistors per chip have led to integrated circuits with continuously increasing capability and performance. With time, large, expensive systems have been replaced by small, high performance, cheap ICs.  

HITECH recruit for leading semiconductor companies in Europe and Russia.

Client range: Microcontrollers (ICs), Analog, Digital, RF and Power components, Motor Drives, Power Supply, Passive Components, Opto Electronics, Discrete Semiconductors. Embedded Software and EDA, Embedded C/C++/Linux, 8/16/32 bit Microprocessors & Controllers. Bluetooth, Wireless, Sensors, MEMS, FPGA, DSP, MCU, ASIC. Memory, Digital, Analog, Power, Flash LEDs, SSL, Solid State Lighting.